Happy Ocean Day!

I hold a large piece of driftwood in my hands, turning it over once, twice, a third time.

Where did you come from? What have you seen?

This particular piece had washed ashore outside of Yachats, its bleached gray hues and sand-smoothed surface seeming to ask, “Where to next?” Like a tourist on foreign soil, driftwood always seems ready for the next adventure.

In my own travels, I’ve been lucky to make local friends who scooted me around Hanoi, meet a family of the Black Hmong tribe in Vietnam who taught me about batik, and admire the lush greenery of New Zealand, Switzerland, and Ireland firsthand. I always thought I’d wash ashore on those rich, green surroundings, but the waves of fate had other plans for me.

Driftwood suspended in resin framed in your choice of sterling silver or 14k gold-fill.  Buy One Plant One - One tree planted for every Branch+Barrel piece sold!

“Basin” Oregon Driftwood Hoop Earrings

After working a summer in Alaska, my then partner and I were planning on moving to Port Townsend. Living out of my small hatchback, we wandered the western shores, landing in Bend as a layover. Two days later, I got a job making jewelry at a local jewelry company and have been in Bend ever since.

I’m always moved when I hear customers’ stories and the one thing they have in common is how their lives delivered the unexpected. Some have weathered more than their fair share of squalls and learning to let go and ride the waves has made all the difference. 

I stare for a moment more at the sun-bleached driftwood in my hands, feeling thankful it found its home with me here in the high desert. Neither of us saw it coming, but I’m certain it’s exactly how things were meant to flow.

Limited Edition Necklace, 2023

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