Limited Edition


In honor of earth day, we are excited to introduce this limited and rotating line of upcycled pieces.

In most art practices and commercial endeavors, keeping waste to a minimum can be a challenge. For the 8 years that I have been making jewelry, I have collected a good deal of scraps. It would break my heart to simply throw away perfectly good pieces of wood, botanical, and resin. So the pile of scraps just grew and grew and I never fully knew what to do with it all. Recently I caught the “do something about it” bug. I would always use cardboard as filler when I cast my resin and then continue to use the same piece over and over until it built up beyond my mold size. I was curious, so I sliced into the large filler and I noticed how interesting the various layers of casts looked from the side accompanied with the cardboard. Similarly, there are only so many times I can re-use a popsicle stick but I could never bring myself to throw them away. The layers of colors that they offer when I slice into them create a super fun geometrical juxtaposition to the crazy and chaotic swirls in the resin. It tells a really special story about my methods and nods to my loving labor that I have curated with the business for years.

I am so pleased to finally have these items available. This is just the tip of the iceberg with my upcycling ideas. Stay tuned for new designs and new upcycled projects.

Creative experimentation is crucial to our design process. Our Limited Edition Artists Series is the perfect platform to share these exclusive designs. This rotating collection features one-of-a-kind, short run designs that are available first come, first serve. 

Please note: There will generally only ever be one of each piece available for purchase and we are unable to replicate these designs.